Yohanes Bandung Bondowoso

Uses Page

The stuffs I often use in my life.
Some of them accompany my coding life.
Some others satisfy my hobbies.

§ Hardware
   » Platforms
   » Peripherals
§ Software
   » Development
   » Daily Applications
   » Working
   » Services
   » Zettelkasten

## Hardware #

### Platforms #

  • Macbook Pro 2018 13” (Office)
  • Macbook White Unibody mid 2010 (Experiments) my note
  • Low End PC with Manjaro Linux XFCE (Home)
  • iPad Mini 5 WiFi 64GB
  • iPhone SE (2016) 128GB

### Peripherals #

## Software #

### Development #

  • Neovim init.vim 
  • Z Shell (zsh) .zshrc 
    now macOS use this as default shell.
  • tmux on kitty tmux.conf , kitty.conf 
  • nnn, n³ The missing terminal file manager for X.
  • lazygit my post
  • I also have license for Sublime Text and Onivim 2 that I rarely use.

### Daily Applications #

I use these app on both macOS and iOS (or iPadOS):

  • Canary mail
    lightweight email client with configurable keyboard shortcuts, and PGP encryption
  • 2Do App
  • Reeder 4
    beautiful and gesture-based RSS Reader.
  • BusyCal
  • iA Writer my post about it
    I write my Hugo post mostly with this app.

### Working #

To help on my working time, I use these apps:

  • Xit Git GUI for macOS
    When doing heavy refactor, I like to code while looking at the repository’s history.
    Xit  is a free and open source. I think it is comparable to the awesome Sublime Merge.
  • Ripcord chat client for Slack and Discord
    The official Slack and Discord desktop client uses Electron, I don’t like that.
    Ripcord  is a shareware that is based on, I don’t know, it looks like GTK+.

### Services #

  • Fastmail
    I try to use less Google, but I cannot find replacement for YouTube and Translate :(
    Thanks to Josh Habdas , I switched from Youtube to Invidio.us
  • BitWarden password manager
  • Worldbrain’s Memex 2
    Browser extension to bookmark, highlight and annotate any site.
    With full text search and grouping, this is a good service for knowledge gathering.
  • Historio.us
    Web archiver. It supports full text search and tagging.
    I use this side-by-side with Memex 2.

### Zettelkasten #

I use zettelkasten  paradigm for my knowledge base and note-taking.

  • Emacs with Org-roam 
    Org-roam is an awesome minor package for Org-mode.
    Read my post about this.
  • FSNotes screencast on Twitter 
    a very good note taking app.
    if you are familiar with nvALT, FSNotes feels much better.
  • aText
    alternative to TextExpander that is single purchase.
    my template to make Zettelkasten is here.