Yohanes Bandung Bondowoso

Currently work as Frontend Engineer of kumparan.com in Jakarta, Indonesia. Building it with React, React Native for Android and iOS.

Eager to learn.


I cannot say that I am humble, but I learn from experience that each individuals, their own excellences.

I try to learn from everyone, and everything.

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Blog Posts:

About The Web Analytics I Use

I implemented a good, privacy-respecting web analytics for this website since May the 20th. It is called GoatCounter. I try to explain and reason about it.

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Remove Specific Files from Old Git Commit

Ever accidentally committed node_modules? Or want to remove files from a commit 15 before HEAD? I did. I'd like to share the solution for you.

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Interesting Links I Found on April, 2020

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Why I Positioned Sidebar to the Right

My past employer mentioned me on twitter. He tweeted about how I positioned the sidebar of my text editor to the right.

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Migrating My Blog to Hugo

I originally planned to make my own Markdown parser and use gist as my blog CMS. After researched a bit between static site generator, I choose Hugo.

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I implemented GoatCounter, a good, privacy-aware web analytics made by arp242. You can see it here stats.ybbond.dev. Does analytic a problem to you? Any feedback is welcome :D

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iA Writer released an update that is IndieWeb friendly <3
Right when I am almost done integrating my site with MicroPub.

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Upgraded my Macbook 7,1 (White Unibody mid 2010) to 8GiB RAM and 128GiB SSD. It feels blazing fast now ⚡️

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I’ve succesfully IndieWebified my site 🥰🙌🦇 Mentions and likes not yet displayed, but can be seen on my webmention page

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Turns out I set the wrong guid for the RSS template. Fixed. Now RSS should work fine :D

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